Ubuntu Linux

In this Linux page, we will forget Windows, to talk about Unbutu, my operating system, or shall I say distributions. Today, I will present you Linux Unbutu, how to download it, how to find it, see the social links facebopok twitter. In the great habit of this blog, I write only articles about forex and cryptocurrency trading like Bitcoin BTC. I’m going to write an article about my Linux passion.


Introduction to Ubuntu and its history

Ubuntu is a GNU/Linux operating system based on Debian. It is produced, marketed and maintained for personal computers (desktop), servers (Server) and connected devices (Core) by the company Canonical.

Ubuntu is available in two versions, one that evolves every 6 months, and an LTS release, for Long Term Support, that evolves every four years. Ubuntu defines itself as “a bone consumed by thousands of PCs around the globe “6 and with a “simple, intuitive, and secure” interface.

It is the most used layout to reach websites according to the Alexa site, and the most used bone for Linux computer servers? It’s hard not to hear about it today.

Unless you’ve been locked up in an anti-nuclear bunker cut off from the world at large, you’re bound to have come across this word somewhere on Google or in a four-way conversation. It’s not surprising: Linux is everywhere. Without Linux, many websites and programs would not exist today.

Would you like to know more about Ubuntu from Linux?

Here you will find the list of different social profiles and official website of Ubuntu Linux.

Here are all the links where you can follow the news of Ubuntu Linux. Here is the continuation of my text that presents you Linux Ubuntu, one of my favorite operating system.


But what the hell is Linux?

That’s the question this first chapter will answer, don’t panic. We’re not going to install anything yet, just find out what it is and how we got here… because it’s so important! So make yourself comfortable and let’s start with the means.

Ubuntu: what is it?

Ubuntu is an open source Linux distributor based on Debian. The development of this operating system is led by Canonical. It is a UK-based company that was founded by Mark Shuttleworth. The main version of Ubuntu uses a graphical user interface called GNOME (GNU Network Object model Environment) and a set of desktop applications for Linux.

In fact, the latter is quite similar to the Windows desktop interface. As a result, Ubuntu is a stable operating system for the average user, with a strong emphasis on ease of use.

Although GNOME is the main version, there are a number of other distributions available. These include, Ubuntu Server Edition, Ubuntu Studio, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and JeOS.