Windows 11

For my part I use Windows only for Gaming, and for Steam and other Bitcoin cryptocurrency software not compatible with Linux Ubuntu. In this blog post, I will introduce you to Windows! Let’s go to tell you more about Windows

Presentation Of Windows 11

Windows 8 is a big release of the Windows operating system implemented by Microsoft, telecommunication operator the Windows NT center in version 10. Windows 8 was announced at the Microsoft Event on June 24, 2021. Windows 8 could be available by creating the free upgrade to compatible devices under Windows 10 through Windows Update4, 5, 6, but also for Windows 7, 8 and 8. 1. The deployment of the upgrade to Windows 8 would begin on October 5, 2021 (for new devices) and will continue until 2022 (for compatible devices), according to various announcements by Microsoft. Windows 8 is the heir to Windows 10, which originated in 2015.

What is the news about Windows 11? During an address on June 24, 2021, Microsoft lifted the veil on its newest Windows 8, which could be launched in terminal version in the autonomous 2021. ‘ Windows is 35 years old.

That’s decades of innovation. In recent months, interest in communication has risen. The OS is a device at the service of unique correspondence, online collaboration and training. it is in this mental that we have realized Windows 8 ‘, swore Panos Costa Panay, creator of the products of Microsoft, in study of the address. The style and the experience of Windows 8 have been simplified to accelerate the fertility and inspire the imagination. The OS’s graphic theme is much clearer than Windows 10’s, with blue retaining the ability to check out. As in Windows 10, a theme to damage is also available.

A new Start menu The Start menu is still there, but it is in the center of the desktop. Compared to Windows 10, it gains in presence of mind. Gone are the heavy rectangular and animated application tiles. Now transparent and with rounded corners, the patterns of the Start menu are more spaced from each other. The user can certainly implement them according to his preferences. The interface emerges to mimic that of MacOS.



If the user wishes to return to the historical ergonomics of Windows, he has the power to reassert the anthrax Start and the patterns of the activities tablet on the left of the screen.

To begin with, the new version of Windows gives another member experimentation, with refreshed colors and patterns, changes more than eighteen years to the program Start and to the tablet of activities, a complete redesign of the program Settings, a pane Widgets made to provide information and reminders, and a much improved way of positioning the windows. The safety assisted by the best equipment, which optional in Windows 10, is now essential. This is equivalent to Secure Boot and Device Encryption being available by default originally as a precaution against increasingly sophisticated online attacks.

If you are disappointed by the falot choice of applications available in the Microsoft Store, you are not the main one. Windows 8 gives a great adaptation of its store, with especially a solution for 1/3 developers to make their existing Win32 desktop applications available for reliable downloads. And speaking of applications, Windows 8 will include a new Windows subsystem for Android, making it easier for Android applications to get results on the Windows desktop. There is, however, a loop: these applications must dislodge from the Amazon application store – for the moment, however – which suffers from the same lack of applications. In theory, the validity period of Android apps would be able to expand in the future, with the addition of well-stocked stores, such as lg’s… or Google’s!

This feature is not yet activated in the introductory versions, and anyone with Microsoft’s experiences in this matter is entitled to be aporic.